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Last Mile Fresh Direct Delivery Truck From Warehouse nyc

Last Mile & Commercial Warehouses in New York: From Has-Been to Hot in Last Mile

Old commercial warehouses in the New York metro area, once considered obsolete, are now part of a hot leasing market as logistics companies fight to win the “last mile” race. Class-B, -C, and –D industrial space in and near the city is being snapped up by companies needing to pre-position product as close to consumers…

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Commercial Warehouse Lease Agreement Terms

Commercial Warehouse Lease Agreement Terms: What You Need to Know

Commercial Warehouse Lease Agreement Terms: What You Need to Know Commercial warehouse lease agreements are unlike other kinds of leases. These high-stakes contracts follow no standards. Each is unique. Because they are long term and involve lots of money, playing a central role in business operations and profitability, you need a solid understanding of the…

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Commercial Warehouse Pricing in nyc

Understanding Commercial Warehouse Pricing in New York

Understanding commercial warehouse pricing in New York requires that you go beyond simple supply and demand. Looking at how commercial warehouse space is used in the New York Metro area is the key to understanding the drivers of warehouse price and value. Commercial Use Price Drivers As a space for storing goods, the traditional purpose…

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