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Warehouse SpaceDemand Boom: Drivers of New Market Dynamics

The New York metro warehouse space demand boom continues—driven by several factors. The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated the US economy and hit real estate especially hard—but not in every sector. In fact, the market for warehouse space in the New York metropolitan area is growing. Ecommerce has seen already accelerated demand growth to warp speed….

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The Warehouse as a Service: New Business Model

The Warehouse as a Servicemodelis a relatively new, but fast-growing phenomenon. Partly driven by the scarcity of space for ecommerce fulfillment,and partly driven by skyrocketing customer demand, this new model isexpanding. What is Warehouse as a Service (WaaS)? Warehouse as a Service is amodelfor outsourcing some or all logistics functions, such as storage, stock management,…

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Accommodating COVID-19: How Warehouse Space is Uniquely Suited

We have written how COVID-19 online shopping has impacted the warehouse space market in the New York Metro area, but that is not the only impact of the pandemic on this market. The spaciousness and adaptability of warehouse real estate is highly valued now, as organization grapple with social distancing at work. The COVID-19 guidance…

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