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E-Commerce Growth Since the Start of COVID Shutdowns Powers Warehouse Industry

Warehouse industry growth continues. Looking back at this same period a year ago, we wrote about strong growth and even stronger prospects for 2020—and that was before COVID-19. The positive outlook we predicted has been turbo-charged by world events that show no sign of abating. While most sectors have slowed since early 2019, the warehouse/distribution…

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Holiday Returns Challenge the Reverse Supply Chain

With record e-commerce online holiday shopping comes record holiday returns, challenging the reverse supply chain as never before.  The reverse supply chain refers to the process that begins with a consumer sending back unwanted merchandise to a retailer, including bookkeeping issues like issuing refunds and charge-backs to manufacturers, through to moving the merchandise out of…

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Handling Holiday Demand—Key Warehouse and Distribution Innovations to Handle the Crunch

The warehouse and distribution industry has been challenged like never before this holiday shopping season. The trend towards online shopping is decades in the making, but COVID has driven ecommerce to unprecedented levels. The business is responding with rapid innovation. With growth in volume—The New York Times reported the warehouse/distribution system in the US is…

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How workplace automation is generating demand for warehouse space

Warehouse automation was a trend before COVID-19. Since the pandemic, the trend has accelerated. Increase Investing in Warehouse Automation Some 66% of companies in e-commerce and 59% in grocery report they are investing more in automation, according to the 2020 Honeywell Intelligrated Automation Investment Study. The study was conducted among leaders and decision-makers early in…

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