Brooklyn Commercial Property and Warehouse Space

Brooklyn is the most populated borough of New York City. In recent years, Brooklyn real estate is changing rapidly. As Brooklyn becomes a center for tech-startups, creative agencies and chic restaurants and bars, it also maintains its original industrial roots, making way for prime commercial and warehouse spaces. Here at One Stop Properties, we offer anything from parking lot properties, to warehouse spaces, to office spaces in Brooklyn, NY.

We currently offer multiple Commercial properties, including industrial properties and warehouse spaces in Brooklyn. These commercial properties come complete with drive in access, tractor trailer access, loading docks, and office spaces. As it stands we are offering over 12 properties in Brooklyn, all with different amenities so we can offer a property that fits your needs!

Due to our wide variety of locations and spaces we are able to accommodate various types of tenants. From creative workshops, manufacturing, photo studios, warehousing, parking, and yard space, the possibilities are endless.

Our management staff & maintenance crew are ready to assist you with your new commercial space. At our Brooklyn commercial properties, we offer snow removal, property clean-up & maintenance, debris removal, and site preparation cleaning.

At our Brooklyn commercial property and warehouse spaces, We allow the flexibility to add/reduce space based on your current needs. Expanding & downsizing is made simple and as easy as possible for our clients.

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