How Office Layouts Can Impact Productivity


Create Defined Spaces For Different Activities. 

Establishing designated workspace areas that allow your employees to move around can be highly beneficial and foster collaboration. Moreover, it will help prevent distractions by giving them a break from the monotony of their work desk.

Make Sure There’s Plenty Of Natural Light And Ventilation 

Poor lighting and air quality can lead to fatigue, eyestrain and headaches, which will decrease productivity. Office spaces with large windows are the perfect way to avoid this; however, if windows are not available, consider mimicking sunlight by layering ambient lights and individual lamps to keep the office bright and maintain alertness and efficiency.

Moreover, proper ventilation is paramount to ensure employee and customer safety within your company’s walls. We recommend you schedule frequent HVAC maintenance visits to guarantee clean air year-round! 

Allow For Some Flexibility In The Layout 

Employees need change over time, so it’s important to have a space that can be easily reconfigured. While open offices are a great way to promote collaboration, take your team’s needs into account–– depending on their area of expertise, some might need a quiet space to work in from time to time. To make sure you accommodate everyone, consider providing a few different options; quiet rooms, coworking areas and office suites are only a few ideas that could help maintain productivity and employee satisfaction! 

For more ideas on how to increase productivity in the workplace, check out our blog post on tips for a productive and happy environment!

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