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The Warehouse as a Service: New Business Model

The Warehouse as a Servicemodelis a relatively new, but fast-growing phenomenon. Partly driven by the scarcity of space for ecommerce fulfillment,and partly driven by skyrocketing customer demand, this new model isexpanding. What is Warehouse as a Service (WaaS)? Warehouse as a Service is amodelfor outsourcing some or all logistics functions, such as storage, stock management,…

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Accommodating COVID-19: How Warehouse Space is Uniquely Suited

We have written how COVID-19 online shopping has impacted the warehouse space market in the New York Metro area, but that is not the only impact of the pandemic on this market. The spaciousness and adaptability of warehouse real estate is highly valued now, as organization grapple with social distancing at work. The COVID-19 guidance…

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What is Flex Space? | One Stop Properties

Flex space is one of the fastest-growing types of industrial real estate. Entrepreneurial companies need to stay agile in their real estate commitments and landlords need a profitable response to the trend toward shorter leases. Enter the flex space movement. Small, fast growing businesses can share space or co-locate office functions with manufacturing and warehousing,…

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How to Build an Office inside a Warehouse

Determining how to build an office inside a warehouse will help you wring maximum value from flex space. Flex space is a fast-growing segment of the warehouse real estate market. Leasing plain space that can function as your office, manufacturing, and warehouse simplifies your real estate and gives you flexibility to expand or change space…

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