Land Renting 101


Commercial Land Leases 

Commercial land leases allow tenants to use a piece of property in exchange for rent. Typically, landlords authorize tenants to construct temporary structures at their own cost. Some land leases have pre-built structures that can be used by the renter. 

From additional parking spaces in big cities to pop-up festivals, land leases can be utilized for a wide variety of commercial purposes. 

Benefits Of A Land Lease

There are many advantages to renting land space for your business: 

Save Money

Not only will you save on the costs that buying land represents, but you will also be able to use that extra money to improve your business operations! 

Prime Locations

You will be able to access prime locations that you might otherwise not have been able to afford. 

Tax advantages 

In some instances, lease fees can be deducted as business operating expenses on taxes. Moreover, the renter will not be responsible for tax payments on the land. 

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